Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Joint replacements have become increasingly common procedures for people who desire to maintain an active lifestyle. Traditional techniques for joint replacement require hospital stays and longer recovery times. However, by using advanced computer and robotic technology, combined with specific outpatient surgery techniques, since opening six years ago, our orthopedic surgeons have routinely performed more outpatient total joint replacement procedures than all other area surgery centers combined.

What is joint replacement? 

Total joint replacement is a medical procedure to correct degenerative joint problems. Usually, this is the result of osteoarthritis. This is a type of “wear and tear” arthritis that causes damage and deterioration over time. Severe joint damage can cause pain and loss of mobility. As a result, patients may have trouble performing everyday tasks. Since the mid-twentieth century, joint replacement has become a safe and effective procedure to correct damage and relieve pain.  

To qualify for a total joint replacement, patients must have severe joint damage. During partial replacements, surgeons remove only damaged portions of the joint. In contrast, total replacements require removal and resurfacing of the entire joint. The damaged portions are replaced with specialized plastic and metal hardware. Indian Lake Surgery Center performs both partial and total joint replacements. 

Why choose an outpatient replacement? 

Outpatient surgery centers are safe, convenient and use cutting-edge technology. With advancing technology, surgeons are now able to perform outpatient joint replacement. For qualified patients, outpatient joint replacement can help reduce cost and recovery times. Minimally invasive techniques allow for faster recovery and same-day surgery. Most joint replacement patients spend only about eight hours in an outpatient center. This helps reduce cost to patients by eliminating hospital bills and charges, since traditional replacements require overnight stays.  

Is outpatient joint replacement safe? 

Yes, outpatient joint replacement is safe and effective. Outpatient centers use the latest advancements in surgical technology and adhere to strict quality and safety guidelines. To learn more about the benefits of choosing an outpatient center, please read our outpatient surgery guide. Outpatient total joint replacement may not be right for everyone. Talk to your orthopaedic provider to find out if you quality.  

Our total joint replacement program 

Indian Lake Surgery Center performed the first outpatient total joint replacement in the state. Since its inception, our center has led the region in outpatient innovation and advancements. We are Middle Tennessee’s leading choice for outpatient joint replacement. Our surgeons have performed more than 600 outpatient total joint replacements, more than any other center in the region. Our surgeons operate in specialized surgery suites. This advanced technology allows us to provide minimally invasive, muscle-sparing joint replacements for qualified patients.  

Our nursing staff receives specialized training for post-operative care of total joint replacements. Most patients are able to walk out of our center and return to life faster, with less pain. If you would like more information on our center, please call 615.265.8038. 

Indian Lake Surgery Center is an outpatient surgery center in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We specialize in orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeries, with regionally recognized surgeons and staff. For more information, please call 615.265.8038. 

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