What Does Joint Commission Accreditation Mean?

The Joint Commission is an organization that sets quality benchmarks and provides oversight for more than 22,000 hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. Recognized globally, The Joint Commission is the leading healthcare accreditation organization. Their accreditation programs are based on established quality measures and patient outcomes. 

What is the Accreditation Process? 

The Joint Commission uses on-site evaluation. During an evaluation, organizations must demonstrate adherence to quality standards and show commitment to continually improving patient care and safety. Because accreditation is voluntary, accredited organizations show dedication to improving and maintaining the highest standards of care. Accreditation must be continuously maintained, with inspections every few years depending on the type of organization. The Joint Commission accredits: 

  • Ambulatory centers 
  • Behavioral health care 
  • Hospitals 
  • Home care 
  • Nursing care centers 
  • Laboratories  

What is The Gold Seal of Approval? 

The Gold Seal of Approval shows an organization is accredited and meets The Joint Commission’s highest standards of care. These standards are creating collaboratively with healthcare experts, providers and patients. An organization can only achieve Gold Seal Approval after the accreditation process and unannounced, rigorous on-site evaluation.This approval honors a commitment to maintaining and exceeding quality benchmarks and patient safety standards.  

What Does Accreditation Mean for an Outpatient Center? 

The Joint Commission began accrediting ambulatory surgery centers in 1975. Since then, the usage of ambulatory facilities for outpatient surgery has rapidly increased. Now, there are more than 6,000 freestanding ambulatory centers nationwide. Of these, only about one third achieve Joint Commission Accreditation. For ambulatory centers, accreditation focuses on key quality areas, such as: 

  • Patient care 
  • Medication safety 
  • Infection prevention 
  • Surgical excellence 

What Does Accreditation Mean for Patients? 

Accreditation and Gold Seal Approval shows an organization’s commitment to patient care and safety. This means the organization exceeds and maintains quality benchmarks and patient outcomes. When you choose an accredited outpatient facility, you choose surgeons and staff dedicated to providing patients high-quality, advanced care in a safe environment.  

Indian Lake Surgery Center is proudly recognized as Joint Commission Accredited with Gold Seal Approval. For more information on our center, please call 615.265.8038 or learn more about us.

Indian Lake Surgery Center is an outpatient surgery center in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We specialize in orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeries, with regionally recognized surgeons and staff. For more information, please call 615.265.8038. 

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